EKFL Fuse Lik

EKFL Fuse Lik

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EKFL Fuse Lik
EKFL Fuse Lik
EKFL Fuse Lik
EKFL Fuse Lik

EKFL Fuse Lik

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Technical Data

Material Porcelain,Copper
Rated Voltage Ui AC 500V,600V
Rated current In 1-125A
Dimensions 10x38,14x51,22x58
Character gG,aM,oR
Breaking capacity 100kA,120kA

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Current Rating Size & Mode No.
10x38mm 14x51mm 22x58mm 10x38mm(DC)
1A EKFL1001     EKFL1001DC
2A EKFL1002     EKFL1002DC
4A EKFL1004     EKFL1004DC
6A EKFL1006 EKFL1406   EKFL1006DC
8A EKFL1008 EKFL1408   EKFL1008DC
10A EKFL1010 EKFL1410   EKFL1010DC
12A EKFL1012 EKFL1412   EKFL1012DC
16A EKFL1016 EKFL1416   EKFL1016DC
20A EKFL1020 EKFL1420   EKFL1020DC
25A EKFL1025 EKFL1425 EKFL2225  EKFL1025DC
32A EKFL1032 EKFL1432 EKFL2232  
40A   EKFL1440 EKFL2240  
50A   EKFL1450 EKFL2250  
63A   EKFL1463 EKFL2263  
80A     EKFL2280  
100A     EKFL22100  
125A     EKFL22125  
Breaking capacity gG type AC 500V 120kA 120kA 120kA  
aM type AC 500V 100kA 100kA 100kA  
oR type AC 600V 100kA 100kA 100kA  
Gpv type DC 1000V       40kA
Voltage Rating AC 690V AC 690 AC 690 DC 1000V
Weight(g) 8.4 20.5 58 10.3

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