PV-LTM4 PV Connector

PV-LTM4 PV Solar Connector

Connector system: Ф2.5mm~6mm; Rated voltage: 1000V DC(IEC)1; Rated current: 17A(1.5mm2), 22A(2.5mm2; 14AWG), 30A (4mm2; 6mm2; 12AWG, 10AWG); Test voltage: 6kV(50HZ,1min.); Ambient temperature range: -40°C... +90°C(IEC) -40°C... +75°C(UL)

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PV-LTM4 PV Connector
PV-LTM4 PV Connector
PV-LTM4 PV Connector

PV-LTM4 PV Solar Connector

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Product Profile

Solar connectors facilitate electrical connectivity in solar energy systems. Numerous versions of connectors or standard non-connector junction boxes are employed in the solar industry and are the primary characteristic elements of solar modules.

The most common variation is the MC4 ("multiple contact, 4 mm pin") product. MC4 components and compatible models account for the majority of solar panels in current use. The male and female pairs are snapped together by hand for easy assembly. Their configuration requires the use of a tool to detach them, making the link more reliable in case the panels move.

Technical Data

Connector system


Rated voltage

1000V DC(IEC)1

Rated current


22A (2.5mm2; 14AWG)

30A (4mm2; 6mm2; 12AWG, 10AWG)

Test voltage


Ambient temperature range

-40°C... +90°C(IEC) -40°C... +75°C(UL)

Upper limiting temperature


Degree of protection, mate




Contact resistance of plug connectors


Safety class

Contact material

Messing, versant Copper Alloy, tin plated

Insulation material


Locking system


Flame class


Salt mist spray test, degree of severity 5

IEC 60068-2-52


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