ETEC EKEC6 OCPP protocal EV Charger

ETEC EKEC6 OCPP protocol EV Charger

EKEC5 OCPP1.6J protocol type EV charger can both for home and commercial Charging, wall/post mounting, support single phase 3.6kW 7.3kW, three phase 11KW/22KW charging, and DLB, LCD dispaly, RFID functions optionls.

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ETEC EKEC6 OCPP protocal EV Charger

ETEC EKEC6 OCPP protocol EV Charger

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Product Profile

EKEC6 OCPP1.6J protocal EV Charing Station,internal is a EVSE EV charging PCB board, communication with Wifi, Ethernet or 4G



1)Nice appearance design support 7kW and 22KW same housing and can be customized with different shell colors

2)With overload protection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection, short, circuit protection, over temperature protection, emergency stop and other functions

3)Inside controller board can connected to operator service OCPP1.6J protocal backend (OCPP 2.0.1 protocal under development)

4)Can working with a DLB current monitoring device for a DLB function,the device can using CT

5)Can add a RFID module and cards,using card start/stop charging,card number can customized,also can add new by customer themself (No billing card)

6)4.3inch big LCD screen

7)Intergrated kWH Meter on the charging PCB board



Product Introduction

Technical Data

EV Charging Modes Mode 3 charging
Rated Voltage AC 240V ±10%,AC 420V ±10%
Rated Current Max 16A,Max 32A
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Over Voltage Category (OVC) OVC III
Insulation Resistance R > 1 MΩ
AC Withstand Voltage 1430V
Impulse Dielectric Withstand Voltage (1,2 μs/50 μs)(Uimp) 4kV
Protection Against Electric Shock Class I
Electrical Life(Contactcor) 100,000
Electrical Life(Interface) 100,000
Standby Power Consumption <8W
Type of EV connection Case C(Cable Version)
Universal Interface T1:SAE J1772,T2:IEC/EN 62196-2,GB/T:20234.2-2015
Pollution Degree PD 3
IP Protection Class IP64
Altitude During Operation (m) <2000m
Altitude Of Test Laboratory <50m
Work Humidity 3%~95%
Operation Temperature -25℃-40℃
Colling Natural Air Cooling
Mounting Method Mounted on walls, poles or equivalent positions
Normal Environmental Conditions Indoor use; Outdoor use
Product Dimension(mm) 357*245*123
Installation Dimension(mm) 180*280
The AC charger require external MCB for overload protection and short-circuit protection to be installed in upstream distribution box


EKEC6 Overall Installation Drawing

Product selection form

    ●: Defult
Green: Simple Choice
Blue: Multiple Choice
Selection Code
Model     EKEC6
Net Mode Ocpp1.6J Protocal Suppport Ethernet/Wifi/4G/3G/2G
Communication using EKEPCB3 Controller
Remark SIM card support band and area:
LTE-FDD: B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20/B28
LTE-TDD: B38/B40/B41
GSM: B2/B3/B5/B8
Case C Cable type(Case C) Defaut value is 5M,other length can customized
Socket & Plug Standard American standard Type 1(T1):SAE J1772 T1
Europe Standard Type 2(T2)T2:IEC/EN 62196-2 T2
China Standard :GB/T20234.2-2015 GBT
Power 3.6KW, AC230V±10% 50Hz, 16A, 1P+N+PE 3
7.3KW, AC230V±10% 50Hz, 32A, 1P+N+PE 7
11KW, AC400V±10% 50Hz, 16A, 3P+N+PE 11
22KW, AC400V±10% 50Hz, 32A, 3P+N+PE 22
Protection Configuration Device  
Overtemperature Protection Chip Overtemperature Protection
Residual Current protection RCMU IEC62955 standard AC30mA+DC6mA Residual
current protection (Should at least installation a
Type A RCD in front of Charger)
RFID RFID module with card Support swape RFID card stop and start charging 1
DLB Current Transformer CT Connected in Main circuit only for single phase 3
kWH meter(out Station) kWH meter Connected in Main circuit both for
single phase or three phase, other brand meter
using pls checking the Charger usage manual
LCD dispaly COG 4 Inch display screen   5
Emergency Stop Emergency stop switch  
Box Color   Silver color box S
Silver+red color box R
Silver+green color box G
Silver+blue color box B

Note: Model Selection Example: EKEC6-T2-22-15-S 

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