How to Choose an EV Charger, you generally need to consider the following aspects:

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When you need to buy an electric vehicle charging pile, in the face of a variety of choices on the market, how do you need to choose the right charging pile?This article will show you how to choose a suitable charging pile




1) The choice of charging pile power

Common household AC charging pile power is 3.7kW, 7.3kW, 11kW, 22KW and so on. There are 20KW, 30KW, and 40KW small DC charging piles for household use, which can be selected according to the electricity environment of the family and the battery capacity of the vehicle

Select the power of the charging pile, if it is a single-phase 220VB/230V/240V electricity, we can choose 3.6kW or 7.3KW, three-phase voltage 380V/400V/415V We can choose 11kW/22KW, different countries have different voltages, the actual power will also have some deviations, the calculation method of power is, the power of single-phase voltage = voltage x current, the power of three-phase voltage = phase voltage x 3x current, such as: 7.3KW = 230 * 32A, 22kW =230*3*32A. Charging speedThe output power of the charging pile will affect the charging speed, generally speaking, the higher the power, the faster the charging speed, if the battery capacity of your electric vehicle is large, it is recommended to buy a charging pile with a larger power.


2)The choice of EV charger connection type

Interface Standards:

When selecting the charging pile interface, we need to consider the charging pile socket interface standard at the vehicle end, because the charging interface standards of vehicles in different countries are different, which are mainly divided into European standards IEC/EN62196, Chinese standards Gb/T:20234.2-2015, and American standards SAEJ1772 and NEC; At present, there will be two kinds of charging sockets on the main general electric vehicles, one is AC socket and the other is DC socket, AC socket needs to be charged with AC charging pile, DC socket needs to be charged with DC socket,

Interface Specifications:

The common charging pile interface is divided into socket version and cable version, the socket version needs to be equipped with a double gun head connector, at present, only the European standard has a socket and cable version, China, Japan, South Korea, and the United States are only cable versions.

If we buy an imported car, due to the inconsistency between the charging interface standard of the imported vehicle and the interface standard of the charging pile, we often need a charging port adapter when ordering the product, or directly purchase the charging pile that matches the interface standard of the imported vehicle.

3) Selection of product standards

Here we check whether the product standards and certifications are reliable

First of all, at present, in addition to China's practical Chinese charging pile standards, the United States and Japan, South Korea's practical American standard charging pile standards, most of the other countries are standards, are reference IEC61851 standards, we can let suppliers provide products based on the IEC61851 standard form test report,

Secondly, when buying charging piles, we have to choose products with market access certificates, such as EU CE, Australia SAA, Brazil Inmtro, Turkey TSE, Thailand Tisi, Singapore Safty certification, etc., at present, the CE of Chinese suppliers' products is mainly self-declaration, third-party declaration, CE certification with LVD, EMC, RF/Red directive test report, and we must choose products with environmental protection labels, such as products that meet RoHS and Reach standards.

Finally, we try to choose products certified by well-known certification bodies, such as BV, TUV, Reheinland, TUV, SUD, VDE, SGS, Intertek, UL, CLS, etc


4)Selection of product design and functional

At present, there are many different shapes, styles and functional designs on the market, first of all, we have to choose our favorite design style, and secondly, for the function of home charging piles, we mainly consider the following functional options:

Communication protocol: At present, there are mainly ordinary EVSE Protocal and OCPP1.6J/OCPP2.0.1 protocal

Control mode of start and stop: plug and charge, start and stop by swiping card, start and stop by scanning code, start and stop with APP, make an appointment for charging, and charge in an orderly manner

Display: LCD display charging status, duration, power, current, voltage, power and other parameters

Metering: Displays the charging power

Protection: Over Current Protection, Over Under Voltage Protection, Temperature Protection, AC Leakage Protection, DC Leakage Protection, Electronic Lock Protection, PEN fault Protection, DLB Function


5) Pay attention to the installation conditions and environmental requirements of the charging pile

When buying a home charging pile, you also need to pay attention to its installation conditions and environmental requirements. For example, it is necessary to understand the power capacity, power cord specifications, installation location and other conditions required by the charging pile, as well as its requirements for ambient temperature and humidity. Make sure that the charging station can be installed smoothly and work properly.

If it is an outdoor installation, we must consider the waterproof level and ultraviolet radiation resistance of the charging pile


6) Pay attention to the adaptability and compatibility of the charging pile

When buying a home charging pile, you need to pay attention to its adaptability and compatibility. Different EV brands may require different charging interfaces and communication protocols, so you need to know if your vehicle brand is compatible with the charger before buying a charging station. In addition, it is necessary to consider the adaptability of future vehicle upgrades.

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