EKEPC2-C/S EVSE Controller DLB Function Setting

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Introduing how to setting the DLB function with the  EKEPC2 -C/S EVSE Controller

EKEPC2-C/S EVSE controller DLB function setting process like bellow
1)Choose EVSE Controller model and DLB current  monitoring device
Commom EKEPC2-C or EKECP2-S controller only support kWH meter as the DLB current monitoring device,if you using CT(Current Tranformer) as the DLB current monitoring device,you need choose EKEPC2-S-CT or EKEPC2-C-CT,this model has integreted a CT converter PCB inside so can read CT singal.

EKEPC2 Controller
DLB current monitoring device
Single Phase Three Phase
EKEPC2-C 1Ph KWH Meter with support RS485 3Ph KWH Meter with support RS485
EKEPC2-S 1Ph KWH Meter with support RS485 3Ph KWH Meter with support RS485
EKEPC2-C-CT Current Transformer  
EKEPC2-S-CT Current Transformer  

2)Installation the DLB monitoring device
Instailation the CT/KWH meter at the incoming side of this DLB circuit,eg.in home you need installation close to Mian switch or Main KWH meter.

3)Open the DLB function in EKEPC2 EVSE controller

you can pls open the front cover ,setting the number 2 DLB function to top On position in DIM switch

4) Using RS485 communication setting DLB Max Current and register address for kWM meter
you need using USB to RS485 converter to setting the register address 96,101,102,103, for  102 the DLB maxmum current should not exceed incoming total current of DLB circuit.

Modbus communication protocol, baud rate: 9600, 8, n, 1 Address: 1-255 Default: 255 (broadcast address)

Register address Data description (power failure protection) R/W type of data Defaults Remark
96 2# DLB current address of the meter (65535 is an invalid address) R/W 16-bit integer 65535 you need setting the DLB meter Address02,bund rate 9600,N,8,1,single phase choosing total current register address,three phase choosing three phase average current register address,meter function code 03 or 04,only DLB with Meter need setting this parameter
101 DLB maximum startup current (0.01A) R/W 16-bit integer 3500 this is the restart current when charger pause charging during the DLB function processing,3500 means 35A,the different value between startup current and DLB Maximum protection current is the charger minmum charging current,here is minmum charging current is 10A,if you setting minmum charging current 6A ,then the value is 3900
102 DLB maximum protection current (0.01A) R/W 16-bit integer 4500 4500 means 45A,you can change this current setting 
103 Maximum current of DLB current transformer (0.01A) R/W 16-bit integer 10000 10000 means 100A,you need setting  the CTRatio,eg, 100/5 CT you need write the value 10000,if 150/5 you need write 15000 value,only DLB with CT need setting this parameter

Down load full EKEPC2 communication address here
If you have any question wlecome contact:
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