"Range anxiety" of new energy automobile

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"Range Anxiety" means that when driving an electric car, it is worried about the mental pain or anxiety caused by the sudden no power.

The main purpose of most people to buy new energy vehicles is to satisfy work and commute, followed by short -distance travel or picking up the elderly and children. However, the new energy vehicle industry is prosperous. Unsatisfactory in the car.

At present, new energy vehicles still face many problems and challenges. Among them, drivers are more concerned about charging issues.

The current charging solutions are in the following types

1 Private charging pile

The owner will be equipped with a private electric pile on your own parking space. If you want to charge, you will charge it at night. Due to policy support, if you install a private electric pile on the parking space, the charging cost of new energy vehicles will be based on residents. Power charges. It doesn't cost much to drive in this month, which is much cheaper than refueling.

2 Public charging parking lot

However, this condition is not available for everyone. There is no fixed parking space or electricity conditions in the community but cannot be installed. It can only use the public charging pile or pile in the unit. At this time The price is slightly higher than that of residents.

The charging costs of each time period are different. Charging 4 cents to 5 cents at night, but the electricity price in the morning and afternoon is 9 cents to a piece of five, and it has more than doubled.

Although the calculation is still cheaper than the fuel cost, the tram is not just electricity charging outside the electricity, but also the parking space fee is also required. If it is calculated in a few dollars in one hour, it is also a lot of expenses.

There are still some problems in the charging time of new energy vehicles. The gap between slow and fast charging is too large, and a small number of models do not have fast charge functions. And long -term fast charging can also damage the battery.

New energy vehicles are charged, unlike the oil vehicle pipes, the lid is left, and it is left. If there is any emergencies, a far door needs to be out, and the "mileage anxiety" brought by the insufficient power of the tram will not be overcome.

Although new energy vehicles still have certain advantages, it is not suitable for everyone. If there is a charging condition and a regular car time, the new energy vehicle is still worth buying, but when both conditions are not available, buy a new new. Energy vehicles must be prepared for battery life and charging.

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