What does an electric vehicle charger mean?

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First of all, the conclusion is that the faster the speed of the car can make the new energy vehicle replace the fuel vehicle

The electric vehicle charger connects electric vehicles (EV) to the power source to charging electric vehicles. At present, due to the problem of charging speed, there is a certain gap between new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles.

1. Charging is divided into fast charging and slow charging

The fast charging battery is based on the 12V60AH battery. Generally, the charging time is 3-5H. Slow-charged batteries generally require 10-15H

However, with the emergence of better high -voltage charging technology, the current fast charging of electric vehicles takes 30 minutes to charge 50%, and it can be fully filled in 1 to 1.5 hours.

2 Solutions for Miles Mileage of Auto: Battery capacity and charging speed

In order to solve the problem of mileage problems, there are two types of solutions, which increases battery capacity or increases charging speed.

In fact, with the continuous increase of electric vehicle mileage, its electricity charging capacity is also increasing. If it continues to measure the charging speed with percentage, the time required for 80%will become longer. Therefore, for users, the most practical measurement standard is the mileage increased by charging within the specified time.

However, the current car charging technology is rapidly iterating at the pace of technology every 3 months, so I believe that in the near future, the charging speed of energy vehicles will only be close to the time of refueling. The problem of "mileage anxiety" of fertility

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