EKDB6S Split Load with SPD Consumer Unit

EKDB6S Split Load with SPD Consumer Unit

ETEK EKDB6S Consumer units are constructed of non-combustible and rugged metal casings. It offers flexible versatile solutions for electrical installations.

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EKDB6S Split Load with SPD Consumer Unit

EKDB6S Split Load with SPD Consumer Unit

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Product Profile

1.Integrated spirit level for mounting
2.Earth terminals
3.Neutral terminals
4.Key holes for easy mounting
5.Large space for wiring
6.Mains tail clamp
7.Keyway DIN rail
8.Multi-function DIN rail blank
9.Lock off capabilities
10.Snap-able busbar



• Backed out and captive combi-head screws, allows simple and speedy installation.

• Easily removable Din Rail.

• Color coded earth and neutral terminal locked at top of unit for ease of wiring.

• Fixing holes Tripod fixing to cope with uneven surfaces.

• Supporting Din Rail 'T' Bar Additional support to prevent bowing.


Consumer Unit Selection Guide

• Determine the type of consumer unit configuration required. e.g Split Load, Split Load, RCD Incomer, Dual RCD, High Integrity or Duplex. For each Switch Disconnector or RCD to be used allow 2 modular ways.

• Determine the number of outgoing circuits required. e.g Cooker, Lighting, Ring Main etc. For each circuit to be protected by an MCB or RCBO allow 1 modular way.

• Determine the number of 'spare' modular ways required for future upgrades.

• Now add together the total number of modular ways required.

• Select from our range of Metal consumer units choose the type and size most appropriate for your requirements.



All our consumer units are supplied with complete complement of earth and neutral terminals along with marking labels, Keyway DIN rail.

At the same time, we also provide Mains Tail Clamp, Snap-able busbar, Busbar Caps, DIN rail blank, Retrofit Locking Device, Grommet Strip, Link Cables, and other related accessories. If you have any need, you can confirm before placing an order.

Technical Data

Split Load Consumer with Surge Protection (1 module wide SPD)

DB Box with 1x2P 100A Isolator + 1X1P B32 MCB + 1x40kA T2 SPD + 1x2P 80A 30mA RCD

Reference No. Size of Box Free Ways



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