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Zhejiang ETEK Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd. provides smart electric vehicle charging system solutions for companies, institution and individuals. Including charging pile design, installation and commissioning, remote monitoring and maintenance, data analysis and optimization, and after-sales support and other comprehensive services.
With years of industry experience and a professional and efficient senior team, ETEK Electric can formulate the best solution for you. We support OEM/ODM service. All products promise three-year quality assurance, far exceeding industry standards.

Over 30 Yearsof experience
60+Countries distribution
10+Regional brand agents
10 million+Annual production
30+Different types of products
6Production lines

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Providing customers with products with the most innovative design

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Providing customers with products with the most innovative design

EV Charging Station

Photovoltaic Power Distribution Solutions

Electric Cabinents


What kind of service can we provide?

A good supplier will assist you to quickly occupy the target market, gain a good reputation for your brand and reputation, and thus gain
more stability and better benefits.

Brand Service

Support ETEK brand overseas agents, trademarks have been registered and protected in major countries.

Certified lSO 90001system.

Acquired CB, CE product certificates.

IEC , Rohs standard.

Most products have a 3-year warranty.

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OEM Service

Customized Logo printing or laser for authorized trademarks.

Customized authorized trademark packaging(outer box, inner box).

Customized catalogue of authorized trademarks.

Available for small quantity order.

Your overseas super factory.

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ODM Service

Product mold design and development.

Product function design and development.

Product international test reports & certificates.

24-hours response.

Your overseas super factory.

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ETEK is committed to providing the best service for our customers!


How to Choose an EV Charger, you generally need to consider the following aspects:

When you need to buy an electric vehicle charging pile, in the face of a variety of choices on the market, how do you need to choose the right charging pile?This art...

Change the EKEPC2-C/S EPC Controller maximum output current value setting via RS485 Communication

EKEPC2-C/S EPC Charge Controller Maximum Output Current Value Setting Via RS485 Communication

Introduing how to change the EKEPC2-C/S EVSE EPC controller PWM value via RS485 communication

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